Past Projects

This page highlights funded community-focused projects in past years, as well as sharing great examples of promoting the All of Us Research Program in project activities. If you want to talk more about funding ideas, please reach out to us at

2022 Highlighted Projects

  • Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center

    LGBTQ-affirming Health Fairs at Public Libraries

    Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center hosted 4 online health fairs to share information about All of Us, sexual health, COVID-19, and mental health.

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  • Improving You

    Improving You in 2022

    Community Libraries of Providence hosted English and Spanish library programs on finding health information online, fitness, cooking, and also shared information about All of Us at events.

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  • Using Trans-Specific

    Using Trans-Specific ACEs to Build Trans Health Literacy and Empowerment

    FORGE, Inc. hosted a webinar and developed materials on trans health and disparities, highlighting how the All of Us Research Program could help address these gaps.

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  • Healthy Eating

    Connecting People to Telehealth

    Lawton Public Library brought health literacy workshops and a telehealth kiosk to their community, while also promoting the All of Us Research Program.

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  • Pickens County Library System

    We Care Wellness

    Pickens County Library System supported community health needs through educational programs, wellness activity kits, and community outreach promoting All of Us and NLM consumer health resources like MedlinePlus.

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  • NFPL

    NFPL Create Your Health Life

    Niagara Falls Public Library provided their library community with two private telehealth spaces. Staff were able to help library users increase digital health literacy and awareness of trusted health resources, while promoting the All of Us Research Program.

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  • Antelope Library

    Health Literacy Outreach through Family Programming and Creative Engagement Kits

    Antelope Lending Library Bookmobile did outreach primarily to Hispanic families who experience barriers to traditional library access. They created Wellness Activity Kits on subjects ranging from dental health to neurodiversity. As a part of their health programming, they educated the community on the All of Us Research Program and the importance of diversity in clinical research.

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  • Children

    Health Literacy Supports Resiliency

    Children’s Home Society of New Jersey offered English and Spanish community events on COVID-19 prevention, mental health, All of Us, and how to find reliable health information, reaching primarily local Hispanic and Black families.

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  • Conway Public Library

    Improving Health Literacy and Telehealth in Carroll County, NH

    Conway Public Library hosted digital health literacy workshops and made a kiosk and laptops available to increase access to telehealth services and awareness of All of Us in their community, particularly for older adults and those with limited access to care.

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  • Taking Effective Action

    Health Tools for All Project

    Taking Effective Action, Inc. trained community leaders and hosted a symposium on health information resources and the potential impact of the All of Us Research Program in their communities.

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