Resources By Topic

Our one-stop-shop resource library offers a variety of resources for public libraries to engage with their community around All of Us, support them in participating in biomedical research, and help strengthen health and digital literacy skills.

  • Story Corps

    Participation in Biomedical Research

    Diverse participation in research means meaningful research that can improve the health of everyone. The following resources can be used to encourage participation in biomedical research.

    Explore Importance of Participation
  • Health Literacy

    Health Literacy

    Health literacy skills can help you make an informed decision about and activity participate in biomedical research. The following resources can be used to support health literacy in your community.

    Explore Health Literacy
  • Digital Literacy

    Digital Literacy

    Digital literacy skills and access to and confidence in using technology are essential for participation in biomedical research, especially All of Us, which is almost entirely digital. The following resources can be used to support digital literacy in your community.

    Explore Digital Literacy
  • Test the Waters Kit

    Community Science

    Community and Citizen Science (CCS) connects scientists and everyday people to help accelerate research and discovery. As we face global challenges, there are local ways for us to be engaged in issues affecting our community health, environmental health, human genetics, technology and innovation.

    Explore Community Science
  • All of Us

    All of Us Research Program

    Use these resources to build awareness about the All of Us Research Program in your community. These resources can be used actively in your programs and passively as handouts or social media posts.

    Explore All of Us Resources
  • NNLM

    NLM Resources

    The National Library of Medicine (NLM) and its outreach arm, the Network of the NLM (NNLM), provide a vast collection of free consumer health resources, trainings, and digital materials to promote access to quality health information and data.

    Explore NNLM and NLM Resources
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